Coingapp Allows You to Exploit Arbitrage Opportunities Between Exchanges

Coingapp Allows You to Exploit Arbitrage Opportunities Between Exchanges

The Coingapp mobile application gives crypto traders a chance to profit from price differences between various trading platforms. The app compiles market data from several dozen crypto exchanges to offer suggestions about where to buy low and where to sell high.

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App Tracks Global and Regional Platforms

The Coingapp software is free and available for both Android and iOS devices. It allows users to find arbitrage opportunities by tracking cryptocurrency exchange rates on multiple trading platforms. Coingapp follows over 40 digital asset exchanges including global leaders like Binance, Kraken and Okex as well as regional platforms such as Exmo and Btcturk.

Coingapp Allows You to Exploit Arbitrage Opportunities Between Exchanges

The app provides a number of filtering options that let you select your favorite trading websites, cryptocurrency and fiat markets. It lists the trading opportunities with ‘buy from’ and ‘sell at’ suggestions, while showing the price difference in percentage points.

Trades are evaluated and their status is indicated in three different colors: “convenient trades” are marked as green, yellow means low volume, and red serves as a warning when deposits or withdrawals are disabled, for example.

Disabled trades can be hidden from the main screen and a warning for low volume trades can be preset at a desired level. The app has an auto refresh feature that can update the list of trading opportunities every 10 seconds.

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